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My Story

Starting my fitness journey in 2015 when joining my first local gym, I quickly grew a passion for health & fitness. By 2017, I completed my studies and graduated with my Cert III and IV in Fitness and started my career as a personal trainer.

My passion to help others continued to grow, and in 2018 I competed in my first bodybuilding competition which ignited my passion and drive for competitive body building. Along with this, I started to upskill my knowledge to not only include Strength and Performance styles of coaching, but also Nutritional education and guidance for my clients. I started working at Culture Fitness in August 2020 and soon after competed in my second Bodybuilding show in the Classic Physic & Bodybuilding divisions walking away with several gold medals and coming 2nd for the Overall Champion.

Fast forward to now, I have expanded my business to not only include 1:1 Personal Training but also to accommodate those who are a little more time poor with the inclusion of my Online Coaching service. A great opportunity to control more variable in your everyday life to assist you in progressing towards your goals.

My methods of coaching take more of a science-based approach and have been proven to work through the results of my clients. I specialise in body recomposition, strength and conditioning, weight loss, weight gain, and competition preparation for both male and female clients, as well as advising on work / life balance and being able to enjoy simple lifestyle pleasures whilst still achieving you health and fitness goals.

My outgoing, bold, bubbly and smiley personality separates me from a lot of other trainers. I love to get to know and chat to clients to really emphasis the PERSONAL in Personal Trainer.


    Cert III & IV in Fitness

    Senior First Aid

    Level 1 Advance Nutrition


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