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My Story

Hey there! I'm Sarah, a 57-year-old mother of two and a fitness enthusiast with over 40 years of experience as a PT and gym instructor. I live and breathe weight training—it's my passion, and I'm all about spreading the word on its incredible benefits.

One thing that really drives me is working alongside physiotherapists to help people rehab from injuries. It's amazing to witness the power of fitness in the healing process.

Teaching correct technique is my jam! Whether you're a newbie just starting or an experienced gymbody looking to level up, I'm here to guide and cheer you on.

But it's not just about workouts for me. I'm all about motivating everyone I meet to make better lifestyle choices. From exercise routines to promoting healthier food options, I'm dedicated to holistic well-being.

So, let's crush those fitness goals together and create a healthier, happier lifestyle!


    *Cert 3&4

    *Diploma Anatomy and Physiology

    *Diploma Nutrition


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